National Planning Policy Framework

Annex 1: Implementation

Implementing the National Planning Policy Framework.

212. The policies in this Framework are material considerations which should be taken into account in dealing with applications from the day of its publication. Plans may also need to be revised to reflect policy changes which this replacement Framework has made. This should be progressed as quickly as possible, either through a partial revision or by preparing a new plan.

213. However, existing policies should not be considered out-of-date simply because they were adopted or made prior to the publication of this Framework. Due weight should be given to them, according to their degree of consistency with this Framework (the closer the policies in the plan to the policies in the Framework, the greater the weight that may be given).

214. The policies in the previous Framework will apply for the purpose of examining plans, where those plans are submitted 69 on or before 24 January 2019. Where such plans are withdrawn or otherwise do not proceed to become part of the development plan, the policies contained in this Framework will apply to any subsequent plan produced for the area concerned.

215. The Housing Delivery Test will apply from the day following the publication of the Housing Delivery Test results in November 2018. For the purpose of footnote 7 in this Framework, delivery of housing which was substantially below the housing requirement means where the Housing Delivery Test results published in:

(a) November 2018 indicate that delivery was below 25% of housing required over the previous 3 years;

(b) November 2019 indicate that delivery was below 45% of housing required over the previous 3 years;

(c) November 2020 and in subsequent years indicate that delivery was below 75% of housing required over the previous 3 years.

216. For the purpose of paragraph 14:

(a) up to and including 11 December 2018, paragraph 14(a) also includes neighbourhood plans that became part of the development plan more than 2 years before the date on which the decision is made; and

(b) from November 2018 to November 2019, housing delivery should be at least 25% of that required over the previous 3 years, as measured by the Housing Delivery Test.

217. The government will continue to explore with individual areas the potential for planning freedoms and flexibilities, for example where this would facilitate an increase in the amount of housing that can be delivered.


(69) For spatial development strategies, ‘submission’ in this context means the point at which the Mayor sends to the Panel copies of all representations made in accordance with regulation 8(1) of the Town and Country Planning (London Spatial Development Strategy) Regulations 2000, or equivalent. For neighbourhood plans, ‘submission’ in this context means where a qualifying body submits a plan proposal to the local planning authority in accordance with regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.