MOT testing service: testing rules, roles and quality control

The MOT testing service's updated testing rules, roles and quality control for MOT stations and testers.

Testing rules

All MOT tests, retests and contingency tests must be conducted within authorised vehicle testing stations (VTSs) by nominated testers (NTs) approved to test the class of vehicle by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

DVSA expects the following roles to fully monitor the testing activities conducted within their business:

  • authorised examiner designated manager (AEDM)
  • authorised examiner delegate (AED)
  • site manager (SM)

AEs are responsible for making sure statutory MOT testing is carried out to the required standard and in the manner set out by DVSA at their VTSs.

DVSA will monitor the data and characteristics collected from the new service to make sure all MOT tests are conducted from authorised VTSs.

Where DVSA finds MOT scheme rules aren’t being followed, this may result in the authority to MOT test vehicles being removed from AEs and NTs.

All management and administrative functions, which don’t include the MOT testing or retesting of a vehicle, may be conducted at any location under the MOT testing service.

Displaying a list of nominated testers (VT26)

VTSs are no longer required to display their list of NTs on their public notice board.

Updated MOT testing service roles

MOT roles have been simplified. The following old MOT Comp VTS roles have been removed from the MOT testing service:

  • account management (ACM)
  • personnel manager (PM)
  • quality control (QC)
  • trained person (TP)

Give the AED role to people who need to buy MOT slots

The old ACM has been replaced by the AED role which should be given to those who need to buy MOT test slots on behalf of their AEDM and business entity.

Find out how to give someone an AED role.

Quality management and control

VTSs now use many different approaches to managing quality at their sites, eg some AEs are now using third parties and systems to advise them about and support quality systems.

Existing requirements for quality control checks aren’t always appropriate for smaller sites.

DVSA is changing how evidence of quality control and management is recorded.

Recording quality control

You no longer need to record quality control. However, all AEs must give proof of how quality is being managed. This will form part of site assessments in the future.

More guidance will be published about how best to manage quality with trade associations expected to provide helpful advice.

Your quality system

Your quality system should be tailored to meet the particular circumstances of your VTS, including things like:

  • volumes of tests
  • numbers of testers
  • experience of staff

There is no absolute requirement for how quality should be managed. However, your systems must let AEs carry out their responsibilities to manage quality properly.

In all cases, AEs need to keep documents - including proof of items identified by their procedures and the remedial action required.

Questions and feedback

Your feedback will help us provide you with the information you need about the MOT testing service.

MOT testing service

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Published 15 March 2015
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