Enter MOT test vehicle specific information (VSI)

How to enter vehicle specific information (VSI) into the MOT testing service.

Update vehicle specific information (VSI)

When a class 3, 4, 5 or 7 vehicle is registered for test you’ll be presented with the nominal vehicle weight for brake calculation purposes.

This can be altered if either:

  • you’re using a brake tester which has an incorporated vehicle weighing facility
  • the nominal presented brake weight is obviously incorrect

Nominated testers (NTs) should refer to manufacturer or other reliable data (eg brake test weight charts, technical manuals etc) when a vehicle weight isn’t made available.

A decelerometer test should be carried out and the figures recorded in the new service if a vehicle weight isn’t made available and NTs can’t check a brake weight from a reliable alternative source.

Other VSI

Other VSI isn’t shown in the service. This is because the MOT trade told the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA):

  • they didn’t use it
  • it wasn’t reliable
  • they preferred to use other data services

Instead, NTs should refer to manufacturer or other reliable data if information is required on things like:

  • anti-lock braking systems
  • electronic parking brake systems

Emissions information

Information on emissions limits are held on the exhaust gas analyser and within the latest edition of the ‘In service exhaust emission standards for road vehicles: 18th edition’.

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Published 15 March 2015