MODCARE: the Defence Social Service Association

MODCARE, supports small, non-national charities: find out how to nominate a charity, donate to MODCARE or take part in fundraising.

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MODCARE is no longer in existence.


MODCARE is an MOD charity which raises money from members’ donations from salary and fund-raising. It provides capital grants to support the work of small, non-national charities. Ideally, these charities should be within commuting distances of MOD sites.

MODCARE’s role is to relieve hardship with small grants to support the work of charities throughout the country. Its efforts are targeted towards small organisations that are often overlooked by major donors and do not have the dedicated fundraising capabilities of large national charities.


The President of MODCARE is 2nd Parliamentary Under Secretary and the business of the charity is run by the Management Committee, supported by 4 regional committees. These are London, Liverpool, Bath and Abbey Wood, which are allocated funds to donate to local charities.

All serving and retired members of MOD are able to join MODCARE, and the committees are entirely staffed by members.

MODCARE has approximately 400 civil service members and 100 retired civil service members.


Grants are usually in the region of £100 to £500 and typically provide equipment or cover the cost of a project or event (such as a trip for disabled children).

MODCARE provides capital grants only and does not contribute to running costs. During the financial year 2009 to 2010, MODCARE made grants totalling more than £18,000 to more than 80 different charities.

Charities as well as members are able to write directly to MODCARE. All bids are considered on their merits, whether the application comes through a member or not. There is no formal process; the letter should simply state what the charity wants and what it is for.

To nomiate a charity, please use the nomination form.

MODCARE: nomination form


Funds are raised from subscriptions from members, both serving and retired, typically between £2 and £10 per month deducted direct from salary or pension. Those who make regular contributions will become members of MODCARE. Members have an input into which charities receive donations and may also nominate charities to support. Ad hoc donations are accepted from members and non members.

You can make a regular contribution from your salary by completing the MODCARE donation and gift aid declaration form.

MODCARE: donation form

Once the form is completed, send it to:

PA to Hd DBS Finance DES
Walker House
Exchange Flags
Liverpool L2 3YL

Single donations can be made by sending a cheque payable to ‘MODCARE’ to the same address.

If you are a UK Taxpayer, MODCARE can reclaim the tax paid on your contribution to the Inland Revenue, thereby increasing the value of your contribution at no additional cost to you. To enable them to do so you must complete the MODCARE donation and gift aid declaration section on the membership form.

You can also help by organising a fundraising event such as a book sale, sponsored walk or quiz etc. For more information, please contact one of the group secretaries.

Telephone: 0151 2422226


Published 12 December 2012