Ministry of Justice Witness Intermediary Scheme

Information about Registered Intermediaries as part of the Ministry of Justice Witness Intermediary Scheme.

What is a Registered Intermediary?

A Registered Intermediary is a self-employed communication specialist who helps vulnerable witnesses and complainants to give evidence to the police and to the court in criminal trials.

A witness might need the help of a Registered Intermediary because of their age, or a learning, mental or physical disability or disorder. They can often be the difference between a witness being able to give evidence or not.

Registered Intermediaries come from a variety of professional backgrounds such as speech & language therapy, teaching and social work. They have been recruited and selected by the Ministry of Justice and have successfully completed training and assessment.

Registered Intermediaries are provided through the Ministry of Justice Witness Intermediary Scheme, which typically helps around 500 victims and witnesses every month. This scheme allows police officers and crown prosecutors to access high quality professional support when needed.

Requesting a Registered Intermediary

The National Crime Agency manage the scheme on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.

Registered intermediaries are approved by the Ministry of Justice and are arranged and paid for by individual customers (typically police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service).

If you are a police officer or prosecutor you can request a Registered Intermediary by contacting the Major Crime Investigation Support team on 0345 000 5463.

Becoming a Registered Intermediary

The Ministry of Justice is investing to increase the number of Registered Intermediaries.

To register your interest in becoming a Registered Intermediary or for further information contact

Published 25 January 2019