Ministry of Defence film locations

What MOD locations you can use for filming, how to apply to use them, and details about the Defence Image Database.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is one of the UK’s largest landowners with some 600,000 acres, consisting of some 4000 built and rural sites. There are more than 45,000 buildings (excluding housing), including barracks, bunkers, naval bases, historic buildings, hangars and warehouses. The rural estate includes areas of outstanding natural beauty such as woods, plains and lakes, many of which are untouched by modern buildings or features.

The MOD charges a commercial rate for the use of its locations in the same way as any other commercial location provider.

Using MOD film locations

Please bear in mind that defence is our core business and this takes priority though we will always endeavour to deal with your requests in a timely manner and will do our utmost to minimise delays.

You can help by giving us as much notice as possible when submitting requests, typically 10 working days minimum is required.

To apply to use a location, please use the application form:

Attach this to an email and send it to the team at:

If the request contains any military content it will have to be cleared by our PR Department so please factor in some extra time for these types of requests. Depiction of actual MOD sites by name is not allowed.

If you have found a specific site or sites on the website that you are interested in visiting, please list them on the Location Application Form.

Film locations website

Landmarc Support Services, the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) strategic partner responsible for the management of its national training estate, has a MOD event locations website showcasing estate available for filming and other events.

The website contains some 200 sites from around the UK with several thousand images available to view. You can search the site by region, site name, image content or activity.:

Contact us

We are constantly looking to improve the service we offer to the filming industry and are always interested to hear opinions on how we could achieve this. To let us have yours views please contact the film locations team at:

Landmarc Support Services Limited
Building 150,
Westdown Camp,
Tilshead, Wiltshire

Telephone: 07825 105 671

Defence Image Database

There is also an image database which contains thousands of images contributed by Royal Navy, RAF, Army and MOD photographers. Please access the Defence Image Database.

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