Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA)

MeTA is a funding scheme to improve access to medicines by increasing transparency and accountability in the healthcare market.

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The fund is now closed.


MeTA is an alliance of partners working to improve access to medicines by increasing transparency and accountability in the healthcare market. Bringing together stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector at both national and international level, MeTA is looking at ways to improve information flows and increase transparency and accountability about the selection, regulation, procurement, sale, distribution and use of medicines in developing countries.

This pilot programme was launched in May 2008 running up to October 2010. DFID is scoping options for a second phase of MeTA.

How to partner

A set of core principles underpin the approach of MeTA. These were developed by the MeTA Secretariat in consultation with stakeholders. Signing up to them is an important first step for any stakeholders wishing to engage in the MeTA process:

  • governments are responsible for providing access to health care, including access to essential medicines
  • stronger and more transparent systems and improved supply chain management will increase access
  • increasing equitable access to medicines improves health and enables other human development objectives to be achieved
  • improved information about medicines can inform public debate, and provide a basis for better policy
  • a multi-stakeholder approach that involves all sectors – private, public and civil society - will lead to greater accountability

Every 6 months the MeTA International Advisory Group (IAG) met to discuss topics of relevance to MeTA as well as advise on current trends in the medicines market. The IAG is comprised of specialists in pharmaceuticals drawn from government, civil society and the private sector.

If a second phase goes ahead the best way for the private sector to get involved is through pilot countries.

The process

Seven countries took part in the pilot stage: Ghana, Jordan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia. In each of these countries a MeTA council has been formed, made up of representatives from government, civil society and the private sector. This council meets to discuss how to disclose information under the MeTA programme and what should be done with that information to improve the decisions of policy makers.

Countries can access support from the Technical Director, short-term technical assistance from consultants, as well as up to £100,000 of funds per year for implementation of the project.

DFID contact: Gillian Mann

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Published 25 March 2013

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