Independent Assessor fee structure

RICS and its members have worked with the PCA to agree a set fee structure where the PCA has been asked to appoint an Independent Assessor.

RICS Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) has worked with the Pubs Code Adjudicator to provide a suitable process for the appointment of an Independent Assessor. If you are unable to agree an Independent Assessor within the specified 28 days, you are required to notify the PCA who will appoint an Independent Assessor following a recommendation from RICS DRS.

Where an appointment is made by the PCA, the appointed Independent Assessor will be subject to an agreed set fee structure, which is banded based on the current annual rental value of the pub as follows:

Rental value Independent Assessor fee
is £25,000 or less no more than £3,000
between £25,001 to £50,000 no more than £4,000
between £50,001 to £75,000 no more than £5,000
£75,001 or greater no more than £6,000

Please note that if an Independent Assessor is privately appointed from the list available, these fees may differ. In cases where a settlement is reached after an Independent Assessor has been appointed, but before a determination is made, an abortive fee may be payable. The parties should agree any such abortive fees with the appointed Independent Assessor.

For further information please see Pubs Code: Independent Assessors (factsheet 13) or the Independent Assessor criteria for appointment and guidance

Published 30 October 2017