Moving goods between or through common transit countries including the EU

How to move goods and submit declarations when using the Common Transit Convention (CTC).

When you move goods between or through common transit countries including the EU you can use the Common Transit Convention.

You can:

Start moving your goods

You begin movement of your goods at either:

You will need to make a transit declaration using the New Computerised Transit System. This will produce a transit accompanying document (TAD) which will need to be given to the carrier.

If you’re exporting goods you’ll need to record the master reference number from the export declaration on the transit declaration.

Your goods must have some documents with them at all times, these are:

  • the transit accompanying document
  • the export declaration if goods are being exported
  • any licences (if needed)

When your goods enter a new customs territory

A new customs territory could be:

Your goods must be presented with the TAD to the office of transit. They may also choose to check your goods.

When your goods reach their final destination

Your goods must be presented with all accompanying documentation at either:

The goods must then be entered into:

  • free circulation (if an import declaration has been made)
  • another customs procedure

If the final destination is in the UK find out more about how to do an import declaration. You can also enter your goods into another customs procedure.

Published 12 August 2019