How to claim for the school milk subsidy – milk consumed from 1 August 2017

How and when you can claim for the school milk subsidy, and when you can expect to be paid.

You can claim for school milk subsidy after you’ve been approved by RPA and you’ve supplied the information needed.

How to claim

You claim for the subsidy using SCM/5 School milk subsidy claim form (PDF, 102KB, 2 pages) . You’ll need to use kilolitres when filling in your claim.

You must make sure your claim is accurate.

Claiming for more than one school

If you’re claiming the subsidy for more than one school, you’ll need to attach an annex to the claim giving information about all the schools in that claim.

You can use the RPA school milk claims spreadsheet (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 287KB) as the annex. If you use your own spreadsheet it must be in the same format and include the same information as the RPA school milk claims spreadsheet.

If you’re claiming for both primary and secondary schools, you’ll need to submit 2 separate annexes:

  • one for pupils receiving primary education
  • one for pupils receiving secondary education

Where a school has both primary and secondary pupils, you must only include the information for each in the relevant annex.

Pupils receiving primary education in both special or secondary schools can be included in your annex for primary schools – so they can benefit from national top up funding.

Claiming for administrative costs – read ‘Calculate your school milk subsidy’.

When to claim

Claims must be made after you’ve been approved by RPA and after each of your claim periods. Claim periods can be:

  • school terms
  • school terms rounded to whole months
  • the same periods as claims for milk under the nursery milk scheme
  • calendar months

RPA will contact you at the beginning of each school year for details about your claim periods. You must provide this information by 31 October that year and before you claim.

RPA must receive your claim by the end of the third month after the end of the claim period.

For example:

Claim period ends in Deadline for RPA to receive claim
March 30 June
April 31 July
July 31 October
December 31 March

If the deadline falls on a public holiday or weekend, it’s extended to the next working day.

If RPA receives your claim after the deadline (known as a late claim), it will be reduced (known as a financial reduction), as detailed in Commission Implementing Regulation (EC) 2017/39, Article 4.

When to expect your payment

If this is your first claim, RPA may need to carry out an inspection to check your records before they can pay you. Pre-payment inspections may also be needed on later claims if errors are found.

RPA aims to pay all other claims as quickly as possible, paying at least 98% within 28 days and 100% within 90 days from receiving them. If your claim is incomplete or RPA has to query any of the information in it, this period starts from the date on which the query is resolved. If you fail to provide any additional information within these deadlines, your claim may be rejected.

Meeting the scheme rules

If you don’t meet the scheme rules one of the following may be necessary:

  • RPA will recover the subsidy
  • you may need to pay an administrative penalty which is equal to the difference between the amount you claimed and the amount you’re entitled to - this will not apply if the mistake is classed as an ‘obvious error’ or you are not at fault.

More information

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Published 26 June 2017