How the early career framework (ECF) supports induction

The ECF is a framework for the professional development of early career teachers. ECF-based training is part of their 2-year inductions, but is not assessed.

Applies to England

The early career framework (ECF)

The ECF is designed to help early career teachers (ECTs) succeed at the start of their teaching careers.

The framework sets out what all ECTs should learn about, and learn how to do, including:

  • setting high expectations
  • promoting good progress
  • demonstrating good subject and curriculum knowledge
  • planning and teaching well-structured lessons
  • adapting teaching
  • making accurate and productive use of assessment
  • managing behaviour effectively
  • fulfilling wider professional responsibilities

The training ECTs receive as part of their 2-year induction should be based on this framework. It is known as ‘ECF-based training’.

You can find the full description of the framework in the ECF policy paper.

The ECF and the evidence for the framework have been independently assessed and endorsed by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).

ECF-based training is part of induction

ECTs serving a 2-year induction are entitled to:

  • a 2-year programme of ECF-based training
  • support from a dedicated mentor
  • time off timetable for induction activities, including ECF-based training and mentor sessions
  • regular progress reviews and 2 formal assessments against the teachers’ standards

Schools can offer their ECTs extra training and support in addition to ECF-based training, but not instead of ECF-based training.

Read an overview of the 2-year ECT induction.

ECF-based training is not an assessment tool

ECF-based training is separate from the formal assessment of an ECT’s performance against the teachers’ standards.

ECTs must not be assessed:

  • against the knowledge, skills and working habits described in the ECF policy paper
  • on the activities or assignments from their ECF-based training

ECTs can use documentation from ECF-based training to help prove they have met the teachers’ standards, but they:

  • cannot fail any part of their ECF-based training
  • do not need to fully complete their ECF-based training to pass induction

You can read more about how to assess ECTs in section 2 of the statutory guidance on ECT induction.

Published 13 April 2022