Gosport Oil Fuel Depot redevelopment

Information about the project to redevelop Gosport Oil Fuel Depot, how it will affect the local area and who to contact to make an enquiry.

Oil Fuel Depots

The Oil & Pipelines Agency (OPA) is responsible for 6 Naval Oil Fuel Depots in the UK. It works on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence. It is a statutory public corporation sponsored by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Gosport Oil Fuel Depot

The site comprises 2 site offices, the main site area that holds 17 storage tanks and the jetty area, which allows delivery to and from ships.

The site is on Forton Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4TH.

The types of fuel stored at Gosport are kerosene (also known as aviation fuel, jet fuel or AVCAT) and diesel.

Site redevelopment

A multi-million pound redevelopment project to replace the tanks and upgrade other buildings which, subject to planning consent will commence in 2018.

The fuel tanks are over 100 years old and are approaching their end of service life. The project will ensure that the depot will be fully equipped to meet the future requirements of the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Class carriers.

Planning permission

We will apply to Gosport Borough Council Under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, Section 19 Class N, development by the Crown on operational Crown land connected to shipping.

Work to be carried out

The redevelopment of the site will be phased in order for business to continue.

The existing tanks will be replaced with tanks of a similar size or smaller in some instances, although there will be fewer of them. The tanks will be cut down individually and replaced and phased in rows of 2.

The existing offices will also be replaced and there will be an improved site entrance and improved security provision around the site. A new gate house will be built with upgraded security provision around the site and the site offices will be relocated.

Project timescales

Subject to the relevant planning consents, we would hope to start work in spring 2018.

The project is expected to finish by spring 2021.

Noise and disruption management

We will work with Gosport Borough Council to make every effort to keep potential disruption to a minimum. We will develop a construction traffic management plan with the aim of minimising any potential impact to residents.

When the tanks are removed there will be some construction noise and dust. We will be using contractors who are members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, full and appropriate mitigation measures will be put in place to limit any impact on our neighbours and local community. In addition, noise and dust levels will be monitored on site to ensure that they fall within acceptable limits set by the local planning authority as part of the planning application.

Working hours

Working times are still to be agreed with Gosport Borough Council and will form part of our planning application. We will ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Traffic management

There will need to be movement of materials and staff to and from the site throughout the construction period. A construction traffic management plan will be developed for approval by Gosport Borough Council. We will work with the council, local communities and individuals to minimise road congestion where possible particularly during peak times.

The contractors’ offsite car parking will be located within the vicinity of the Gosport OFD and is envisaged to be within the Gosport area.

Site security

As an operational COMAH site, naval asset and construction site, we have a legal and moral obligation to ensure safety and security is maintained at all times.

Community Relations Team

We have a dedicated project team who are happy to answer any questions you might have. We will also be issuing project updates to our neighbours and any other interested parties.

You can contact the OPA Community Relations Team by:

By telephone: 08000 499 734 By email:

Published 31 July 2017