Futures Procurement Framework

Access support and expertise to help you think about the future.

The Futures Procurement Framework consists of 35 suppliers capable of supporting a range of government departments and public bodies (see eligible customers list below) with a variety of services to help them think about the future (‘Futures’).

This Framework is open from 12 June 2023 to 11 June 2026.

Why use the Framework?

Policy decisions made today have consequences tomorrow. However, the future in which these decisions have an impact is uncertain and making these decisions is difficult. Futures, Foresight and Horizon Scanning help to think strategically about long-term opportunities, challenges and actions. This requires resources, collating different perspectives, and knowledgeable experts to guide you through the process. The Framework gives departments (and other public bodies) access to support and guidance for specific projects and for Futures capability building.

Who can use the Framework?

The Framework is available to a wide range of customers including but not limited to:

If you’re unsure if you can use the framework, please contact UK SBS at

Types of service provided

  • Services for describing and explaining the characteristics of a policy area (including trend and driver analysis, and systems analysis) or issue (including associated risks and opportunities)
  • Services for describing what the future might be like
  • Services for developing and testing policies and strategies, and related decisions, particularly for their robustness and resilience
  • Services for developing Futures capability within the Civil Service including skills related to the above activities. (Training requirements over £10,000 are subject to the Cabinet Office L&D Spend Control. Email if you have any questions about these controls. If you’re unsure if you can use the Futures framework, please contact UK SBS at
  • Services for convening or engaging a diverse range of stakeholders (citizen and expert voices) in futures work
  • Services, expertise and data-gathering and visualisation related to specific fields (including, but not limited to, specific scientific and technological, social and economic fields)


  • Cost effective support - suppliers have been selected based on the services they provide, their futures expertise and their associated cost and quality
  • Quick and easy contracting - with up to £50,000 direct purchasing (please note the framework does not supersede individual department procurement policies)
  • Tailored support - to help you make informed decisions
  • Large variety of choice - to allow purchasers to find the best fit
  • Capability building resources – to boost your teams’ effectiveness
  • Fresh perspective – from consultants outside of government

How to contract

For full guidance on how to use this Framework, please refer to the customer guidance document below.

The Futures Procurement Framework is managed by UK SBS. Please send any queries related to the framework and tendering process to UK SBS at

The GO-Science Futures Team is able to advise on the use of the framework alongside other internal government contacts and resources. For assistance with project scoping and specification development, contact the Futures Team at

Useful documents

If you need these documents in a more accessible format, please email

Suppliers and their services

Below is a list of the suppliers, with links to their prospectuses. Please contact UK SBS at for further information on specialisms, rates and contact details.

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