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Funding for development research

Details of calls for new funding opportunities in development research run by the Department for International Development (DFID) or our development partners.


This page is aimed at organisations and researchers looking for information on funding opportunities in development research. It lists in date order a selection of current calls with a research, evidence or evaluation theme which are being run by DFID or by our programme partners. If you are interested in working for DFID you should also look at our supplier portal.

Accessing markets in developing countries

DFID is currently working to increase the market of suppliers we work with in delivery of programmes, and especially to encourage developing country markets to engage directly with donor funding.

Despite various efforts to encourage SMEs and other organisations in developing countries to directly engage with programmes, DFID continues to be reliant on a restricted number of predominantly UK based providers for delivery of programmes. This is despite the broad and extended range of DFID programmes, complexity of operating environments and the significant increase in the aid budget. Procurement and Commercial Department is launching a DFID wide Market Creation strategy and is seeking the services of a research organisation to carry out research into the barriers to accessing markets in developing countries.

As part of the Commercial vision in DFID, there is a pillar which focuses on ‘market shaping’ and another which relates to ‘influencing the international development system’. This proposed research programme will contribute to both of these pillars and will bring benefits to DFID, the wider donor community and developing country markets.

Interested parties are invited to submit tenders by 2pm UK time on Friday 10 June 2016.

The role of regional infrastructure in promoting green economies in the East African Community (EAC)

The East Africa Research Fund (EARF) announces a research call seeking to understand the role of regional infrastructure in promoting green economies in the East African Community (EAC).

This Invitation to Tender requires qualified suppliers to submit a full proposal for the implementation of the project. The main objectives of the research study are to:

  • understand experiences from elsewhere in the world where regional infrastructure development has been used to promote a transition to a green economy

  • scope the opportunities for the role of regional infrastructure to promote the transition to green economic growth in the EAC with respect to energy, transport and water related infrastructure

  • make recommendations on effective policy and implementation approaches for regional infrastructure to support more sustainable growth patterns, reduce poverty and enhance climate resilience, within the political context of the EAC

EARF seeks to identify services of a research supplier with knowledge and experience in:

  • managing and undertaking rigorous evidence synthesis products
  • knowledge and experience of green economic growth approaches
  • knowledge and specialist expertise in climate resilience in infrastructure development
  • knowledge and experience of robust political economy analysis
  • knowledge and experience of the political economy in the EAC
  • getting research products into use through peer reviewed academic papers for publication

Within their bids, applicants are required to set out clear timelines in relation to the milestones identified, to deliver the overall project with high quality outputs within the shortest timeframe possible.

Interested organizations who wish to participate in this research study should register through the EARF website and download the application pack, comprising of the following:

The deadline for submission of the ITT proposal bids is on Friday 20 May 2016 11:59pm East African time (Nairobi+03:00).

The Agri-Tech Catalyst

This supports businesses and academia in developing innovative solutions to challenges in the agri-tech sector. There are 2 competitions a year.

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