Find and use data on public electric vehicle chargepoints

Accessing and adding data on the National Chargepoint Registry (NCR) on public electric vehicle chargepoints in the UK

The NCR is a database of publicly available chargepoints for electric vehicles in the UK established in 2011. While the database is freely open to all who wish to use the database, the main data users are business data users for their products (such as smartphone apps, satellite navigation and route planning).

Accessing data on NCR

The dataset is available in CSV, JSON or XML formats as a download using the links below or by using an API. No registration or login is required.

NCR dataset in CSV format

For Developers:

NCR full dataset in XML format

NCR full dataset in JSON format

You can retrieve the following data types via the NCR Retrieve API:

  • registry – Charge Point Registry
  • type – Connector Types
  • bearing – Bearings
  • method – Charging Methods
  • mode – Charge Modes
  • status – Connector Statuses

Greater information on the NCR Retrieve API is available.

Adding data to NCR

To add data, you need to register and subsequently log in.

Published 11 August 2020