2007 to 2013 ERDF programmes: achievements

Since 2007, the 10 ERDF programmes in England have invested billions of pounds of funding into local projects.

Applies to England


Across England, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) investments have:

  • helped 25,932 new businesses to start or move into the local areas
  • created around 131,375 jobs for local people

(Figures correct at August 2017)

Projects funded by ERDF

The documents below provide a full list of all the projects funded by ERDF in England.

The London ERDF programme is administered by the Greater London Authority (GLA). Details of ERDF London-funded projects are available on the GLA website.

Case studies

A number of case studies have been developed to demonstrate the impact that ERDF is having across England to local people, local business and the economy. There are more case studies on the European Commission’s UK website.

Annual implementation reports

Each programme provides an annual report for the European Commission in June explaining the progress made in the previous year. The latest reports for 2014 are available below.

The ERDF London interim evaluation (PDF, 4.7MB) is available on the GLA website.

ERDF programmes details

Each ERDF programme in England has an operational programme detailing its aims over the lifetime of the programming period. Read more about the operational programmes.

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