Display posters or leaflets in a driving test centre

How to get permission to display posters or leaflets in driving test centres, and the rules on what can be displayed.

Applies to England, Scotland and Wales

When posters and leaflets can be displayed

You can apply for permission to display posters or leaflets in Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) driving test centres for up to 3 months.

The noticeboards in DVSA driving test centres can be used to promote:

  • road safety messages
  • information for driving and motorcycle instructors, such as associations they can join to represent their views

All posters and leaflets must be appropriate and inoffensive.

DVSA encourages approved driving instructors to join approved associations to improve communication and allow their views to be properly represented in discussions.

DVSA will always try to display approved posters and leaflets from these associations.

What you cannot display

You cannot display posters or leaflets that promote any of the following:

  • alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • speed camera detection equipment
  • mobile phones and accessories
  • loan agents
  • religious material
  • political parties
  • instructor recruitment
  • messages which go against any DVSA, Department for Transport or other government policies
  • anything commercial in nature, such as driving schools or courses, car sales, MOT or garage services

Posters promoting events with a commercial sponsor and logos will be considered carefully. You might not get permission to display them if the commercial part is too prominent.

Any website addresses given on the posters or leaflets must meet the same rules.

Apply for permission

Email a copy of the poster or leaflet to DVSA. Include the names of the driving test centres you want to display them in.

You need to give at least 10 working days’ notice.

DVSA poster and leaflet approvals

You do not have an automatic right for your poster or leaflets to be displayed, even if they do meet the rules.

If DVSA has too many requests for a particular test centre, it will decide which posters or leaflets get displayed. You cannot challenge the decision, and DVSA does not have to explain it to you.

When you get the decision

You’ll get a reply within 10 working days telling you whether or not your request has been approved.

If your request is approved

You’ll be told when your permission to display the poster or leaflets runs to.

Send or take the posters or leaflets to the driving test centres where you have permission to display them. DVSA will not send them for you.

Supply a suitable container for leaflets and make sure that it’s kept stocked.

The driving test centre staff will display the poster or leaflet in a position approved by DVSA.

Apply to extend the approval period

You can apply for permission to extend the date you can display the materials for in some situations, for example, if the poster is promoting a national conference of a driving instructor association.

Send another request at least 10 working days before your approval runs out.

After the approval period has ended

Remove the posters and leaflets from the driving test centre. DVSA will destroy any that have not been collected after 2 weeks.

Unapproved posters and leaflets

Any unapproved posters or leaflets found on display will be removed and destroyed straight away.

Published 26 February 2016
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