Deer: how to protect your property from damage

Find out what you can do to stop deer causing damage to your property.

Applies to England

Stop deer damaging your property

To discourage deer coming to your property and causing damage you can use:

  • disturbance techniques, such as human interference
  • tree and shrub shelters
  • wire fences
  • hedges

Control by shooting

You’ll need to apply for a licence to shoot deer during the close season or at night.

Natural England will only issue a licence if damage is significant and there’s no satisfactory alternative.

The Deer Initiative has more information on shooting deer and the close season.

Relocate trapped deer

If a deer has become trapped on your property you need a licence to capture and move it.

Further information

Natural England

Contact Natural England for queries on deer licences:

Wildlife licensing

Natural England
Horizon House
Deanery Road


Telephone 020 8026 1089

The Deer Initiative

Contact The Deer Initiative for queries on deer management:

The Deer Initiative
PO Box 2196
LL14 6YH


Telephone: 01691 770888

Published 22 May 2015