Darwin Initiative: applying for main project funding

Darwin Initiative: information on how to apply for main project funding.

How to apply

Before applying, please read the Round 24 - Guidance (PDF, 1.27MB, 46 pages) . You will also need to refer to the document Finance for Darwin & IWT.

Once you have read the guidance, please complete the Round 24 - Stage 1 application form (MS Word Document, 174KB) .

If you are invited to Stage 2, please complete the Round 24 - Stage 2 application form [to be completed by invitation only] (MS Word Document, 271KB) [by invitation only].

A completed Round 24 - Stage 2 budget form (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 114KB) [by invitation only] must also be submitted with your Stage 2 application form.

When to apply

There is a two-stage application process for main round Darwin projects. The timetable for Round 24 is set out below:

  • call for Stage 1 applications: Thursday 27 July 2017
  • deadline for Stage 1 applications: Tuesday 12 September 2017
  • expected outcome of Stage 1 and notification of applicants invited to Stage 2: Early December 2017
  • deadline for Stage 2 applications (by invitation only): Monday 29 January 2018
  • expected notification of successful projects: May 2018
  • expected start date for successful projects: From 1 July 2018

Who can apply

Please refer to the Guidance for the list of countries eligible for the scheme. Organisations making the application must:

  • have experience of managing similar projects in developing countries
  • be able to demonstrate financial stability and provide audited accounts

The proposed project leader must have suitable qualifications or a minimum of around 10 years’ experience working on similar projects in developing countries.

Level of funding

There is no specific minimum or maximum level for a main round project. The funding pot is however limited. Further information on the size of Darwin Projects can be found in the Round 24 - Guidance (PDF, 1.27MB, 46 pages) .

Case study

Before completing the application form, you might like to take a look at a case study showing an example of a successful main project.

Published 22 May 2014
Last updated 1 August 2017 + show all updates
  1. Darwin Stage 2 application form [to be completed by invitation only] updated.
  2. Information on how to apply for Darwin plus main project funding round 24.
  3. Updated the stage 2 budget form.
  4. Clarification of Stage 1 closing date as Wednesday 10 August 2016 and updated Stage 1 and Stage 2 application forms attached to reflect the correct closing dates.
  5. To clarify a discrepancy between the timetable and the guidance regarding the deadline for submission of Stage 1 applications. Should be 12 August (as per the guidance) not 10 August as previously stated in the timetable on the GOV.UK page which has now been amended.
  6. Alerting the public that Round 23 is now open inviting Stage 1 applications for Darwin Initiative main projects.
  7. Updating the website to confirm that Round 22 is now closed and Round 23 will be launched in Summer 2016 and announcing that a recruitment exercise for new members of the Darwin Expert Committee is now open.
  8. Confirming when applicants will be notified of the outcome of Stage 1 applications.
  9. Darwin Initiative - Round 22 now open for main round project applications only. Other Darwin Initiative schemes (post projects, scoping projects and Darwin Fellowship awards) will be launched later this year.
  10. The application period for Stage 1 applications in 2014 for Darwin main round projects is now closed.
  11. updated guidance notes
  12. First published.