Copyright Tribunal: hearing procedure and listed cases

The hearing procedure and listed cases before the tribunal.

The Act and Rules provide for parties to state their cases at a verbal hearing.

Every party to a reference or application that is considered at a hearing before the tribunal is entitled to:

  • attend the hearing
  • to address the tribunal
  • to give evidence and call witnesses

It is usual for the parties to be represented by legal advisors and counsel at hearings. However, legal representation is not a requirement, and the tribunal may permit other representation or, except in the case of a corporation or an unincorporated body, parties may present their own cases if they wish. Hearings of the tribunal are normally in public, and a transcript of the proceedings is usually taken.

Scrutiny of evidence and transcripts

Once a case has been heard, and a final decision has been issued, any evidence brought forward by the parties (other than that agreed as confidential) and transcripts of the proceedings, are open to public scrutiny. Anyone who would like to view documents from previous cases should contact the Secretary to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time to do so. However, please note that these documents are often complex and substantial and would require some time to take in and understand fully.

Listed cases

Ref 130/17
Section 120 CDPA 1988 Performing Right Society Ltd Tariff LP

Copyright Tribunal Hearing: Performing Right Society Ltd and PACE Rights Management LLP 2:30pm on 22 February 2018 at:

4 Abbey Orchard Street

Ref 129/16
British Broadcasting Corporation and BBC Worldwide Ltd v Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd and Performing Right Society Ltd First Intervenor Sky UK Ltd Second Intervenor ITV Network Ltd and fourteen connected companies

Copyright Tribunal Hearing: BBC and BBC Worldwide Ltd v MCPS Ltd and PRS Ltd First Intervenor Sky UK Ltd at 10:30AM on 1 and 2 March 2018 at:

International Dispute Resolution Centre
70 Fleet Street

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