Construction Industry Scheme: payments to someone else

Find out how subcontractors who operate under the Construction Industry Scheme can nominate someone else to receive payments.

Who can get paid on my behalf

If you’re a subcontractor operating under Construction Industry Scheme you can choose someone to get payments for you, for example:

  • a workmate
  • relative
  • friend
  • someone you owe money to

This person is known as your ‘nominee’. To arrange payments to them you should speak to your contractor.

Verify and pay your nominee

If you’re registered to get payments without deductions - known as gross pay - the contractor will pay your nominee the same way, providing:

  • they’ve been able to verify you and your nominee
  • your nominee is also registered to receive gross pay

If your nominee isn’t registered to get gross payments they’ll receive payments with deductions made.

Published 21 November 2014