Conflict-Affected and Fragile Economies Facility (CAFEF)

Aims to encourage economic recovery, growth and jobs in some of the most fragile countries in the world by providing political risk insurance to foreign investors.


Political risk is one of the key challenges faced by international investors in fragile states, but insurance is difficult to obtain and, where it exists, very expensive. The Conflict-Affected and Fragile Economies Facility (CAFEF) was launched by the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) in June 2013 to allow MIGA to assume higher risk and insure more investment projects in fragile states. It will provide cover in a number of fragile economies, including:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Afghanistan
  • Burma
  • Nepal
  • Yemen

The Facility will target high development impact projects that support economic growth and poverty reduction through job creation, infrastructure services, and access to financial markets. It is supported by the governments of the UK, Canada and Sweden, along with MIGA.

Process and Contacts:

Further details on eligibility and applications processes

Investors looking for political risk insurance should contact MIGA through the usual channels.

General Business Inquiries:
Telephone + 1202 458 2538
Fax + 1202 522 2630

Published 9 May 2014