Complaints process

How to make a complaint about the service received from the Regulator of Social Housing.

Types of complaint

You can complain about the service we’ve provided, including:

  • failure of staff to follow RSH procedures
  • poor treatment by RSH staff, for e.g. rudeness or not doing something we said we would do
  • discrimination
  • undue delays
  • not responding to phone calls, emails or letters
  • not answering complaints fully and promptly
  • failure to comply with our published service standards

We can’t deal with complaints:

  • about the service you’ve received from a housing association – follow these steps if you have a problem with your housing association home
  • about the service you’ve received from a local authority if you have a problem with your council home
  • that are the subject of police investigations or court proceedings
  • regarding the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations and Data Protection Act which are subject to different procedures.

If you think your complaint about your landlord, or other registered provider, is serious enough to meet the serious detriment test contact our referrals and regulatory enquiries team on 0300 124 5225 or email

How to make a complaint

Complaints should be made no later than 3 months after you became aware of the problem, or should reasonably become aware of it.

You can write or telephone. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days and will respond to you within 20 working days. In the first place, the original team that handled your case will respond to the complaint.


Telephone: 0300 124 5225

or write to:

Regulator of Social Housing
1st Floor
8 City Walk
Leeds LS11 9AT

What happens next

We have a 3-stage complaints process:

Stage 1

Stage 1 is managed by the team to which the complaint relates. You should complain no later than 3 months after you became aware of the problem, or should reasonably have become aware of it.

Stage 2

If you’re unhappy with the way we handled your complaint at stage 1 you can escalate it to our legal services team as an independent review of the original complaint. This should be within 3 months of receiving a response to stage 1.

Stage 3

If you’re still unhappy with our response you can refer it to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution who will carry out an independent review.

If you’re still not satisfied

If you are still not satisfied, you can ask your MP to take your complaint to the independent Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to review the handling of your complaint.

Privacy notice

The regulator is committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal data. Please read our privacy notice to find out more about how we do this.

Please note

The regulation of social housing is the responsibility of the Regulation Committee, a statutory committee of the Homes and Communities Agency. The organisation refers to itself as the Regulator of Social Housing in undertaking the functions of the Regulation Committee. References in any enactment or instrument to the Regulator of Social Housing are references to the HCA acting through the Regulation Committee. Homes England is the trading name of the HCA’s non-regulation functions.

The address for service of any legal documents on the HCA is: Arpley House, 110 Birchwood Boulevard, Birchwood, Warrington WA3 7QH. VAT no: 941 6200 50.

Published 9 April 2018