Commonwealth Local Government Good Practice Scheme

Partnerships and grants to promote good practice in local government in 6 Commonwealth countries.

The Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) works to promote and strengthen effective democratic local government throughout the Commonwealth and to facilitate the exchange of good practice in local government structures and services.


The Good Practice Scheme aims to improve the delivery of local authority services, essential to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, through the spread of good practice. Phase 3 of the Good Practice Scheme is now underway, and working with councils and local government associations in 6 Commonwealth countries, with projects in each country falling under a specific theme, as below:

  • South Africa (local economic development)
  • India (governance and service delivery)
  • Ghana (local economic development)
  • Jamaica (strategic planning for service delivery)
  • Sierra Leone (service delivery)
  • Pakistan (strengthening governance)

Overseas partners are invited to submit proposals outlining where they feel that their organisation could benefit from a knowledge and skill sharing partnership, CLGF then seeks to find a partner with the appropriate skills and experience; The scheme not only seeks to promote partnerships with UK authorities, but also increasingly works through South-South partnerships. Up to £40,000 can be provided to support partnership activities.

To register your interest in the scheme or for further information, please contact CLGF.

Eligible organisations

Local authorities and local government associations of Commonwealth countries.

Contact details

Commonwealth Local Government Forum
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Published 25 March 2013