British Military Advisory Training Team (Czech Republic)

Find out about military instructor training and personal development courses, provided by BMATT (CZ), to promote international co-operation.

The British Military Advisory Training Team based in the Czech Republic (BMATT(CZ)) delivers an important part of an agreed security co-operation programme by promoting military co-operation and understanding, building trust and assisting with the development of professional and efficient armed forces under civil democratic control. BMATT(CZ) particularly seeks to assist by increasing the capabilities of partner countries to participate in multinational peace support operations (PSO).

BMATT(CZ) offers a range of bespoke training drawn from the following core business:

  • instructor training courses
  • design and evaluation of training
  • PSO training courses
  • junior command and leadership training
  • live firing marksmanship training courses


This combined British and Czech team is located at Vyškov, within the Military Academy of the Czech armed forces, and has been in existence since 2000. BMATT(CZ) is very much a joint UK/Czech operation, composed of 18 UK and 5 Czech military personnel and with considerable training and administrative support provided by the Czech Army. BMATT(CZ) personnel are all high quality instructors with a wealth of operational experience from major theatres of conflict.

The team’s mission statement is:

To provide military training courses, training assistance and advice to partner countries, in order to further develop their professional armed forces and their capabilities to participate in regional stability and multinational peace support operations.

Training is delivered in 2 ways:

First, throughout the year at Vyškov, BMATT(CZ) conducts a series of instructor training and personal development courses. This is multinational training, conducted in English, with a typical instructor training course being 4 weeks in duration and consisting of 30 students from between 11 to 15 countries. Training for peace support operations (PSO) is a core theme, with courses to train instructors to teach practical PSO skills and to train staff in key planning procedures within a multinational HQ. Some 300+ officers, warrant officers (WOs), soldiers, marines and polices of all ranks are trained at Vyškov each year.

Second, each year BMATT(CZ) deploys small teams known as BMATT Deployed Teams (BDT), usually for 3 to 4 weeks, to selected countries to provide a range of training assistance and advice. Again, PSO is a core theme, with instructor training courses and assistance with the planning, conduct or mentoring of the delivery of operational pre-deployment training making up the majority of these tasks.

The combined impact of this training is to help partner countries to improve their indigenous training capabilities, especially in respect of PSO training. Currently, there are some 34 partner countries from Central Asia, the Caucasus, Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltics and North Africa, who benefit from the training delivered by BMATT(CZ).

All training is provided free of costs, less a small food and accommodation charge for students from NATO countries attending Vyškov courses.

How to get to Vyškov

BMATT(CZ) Vyškov based courses

Student information regarding Vyškov based courses:

The following courses are conducted and based at the Military Academy in Vyškov:

  • senior officer briefing
  • junior commander leadership course
  • instructor training course
  • multinational peace support operations course
  • analysis, design and evaluation of training course
  • marksmanship coaching course

Senior officer briefing (SOB)

The aim of the SOB is to brief senior military delegations from individual partner countries on the multinational training courses conducted at Vyškov and on the range of bilateral assistance and advice that BMATT(CZ) provides via its BMATT(CZ) Deployed Teams, in order to further develop BMATT(CZ) engagement with each partner country.

Number per year: 5 to 8 briefings per year
Duration: 1.5 days
Maximum course loading: 8 personnel accompanied by the UK DA

The SOB can be delivered in the host partner country if required.

Junior commanders leadership course (JCLC)

The aim is to develop the command and leadership skills of Junior Commanders.

Suitable for: OF1, OR4, OR5, OR6

Number per year: 2 courses per year
Duration: 4 weeks
Maximum course loading: 30 students per course

Instructor training course (ITC)

The aim is to provide instructors with the necessary techniques to train conscripts contracted soldiers and professional soldiers in conventional military skills.

Suitable for: OF1, OR4, OR5, OR6

Number per year: 2 courses per year
Duration: 4 weeks
Maximum course loading: 30 students per course

Multinational peace support operations (MPSO)

The aim is to train officers and senior NCOs in the techniques and procedures for PSO operations and training.

Suitable for: OF3, OR5, OR6, OR7, OR8, OR9

Number per year: 2 courses per year
Duration: 4 weeks
Maximum course loading: 30 students per course

Design and evaluation of training course (D&E)

The aim of the course is to enable students to analyse, design, deliver and assure training within their units.

Suitable for: OF2, OF3 and OF4 involved in course design and evaluation

Number per year: 1 course per year
Duration: 2 weeks
Maximum course loading: 30 students

Marksmanship Coaching Course

To develop the military education and training of Senior and Junior Non Commissioned Officers so they have the ability and knowledge to improve their units Marksmanship standards

Suitable for: OR5, OR6 and OR7.

Number per year: 2 courses per year
Duration: 2 weeks
Maximum course loading: 24 students per course

Vyškov based courses for 2019 are as follows:

From To Duration (weeks) Code Title
13 January 2019 8 February 2019 4 ITC 1901 Instructor Training Course
3 March 2019 29 March 2019 4 MPSO 1901 Multinational Peace Support Operations Course
28 April 2019 24 May 2019 4 JCLC 1901 Junior Commanders’ Leadership Course
2 June 2019 28 June 2019 4 MPSO 1902 Multinational Peace Support Operations Course
7 July 2019 19 July 2019 4 MCC 1901 Marksmanship Coaching Course
21 July 2019 2 August 2019 4 MCC 1902 Marksmanship Coaching Course
8 September 2019 4 October 2019 4 JCLC 1902 Junior Commanders’ Leadership Course
20 October 2019 15 November 2019 4 ITC 1902 Instructor Training Course
24 Nov 2019 6 Dec 2019 2 D&E 1901 Design and Evaluation of Peace Support Operations Training Course

The BMATT courses handbook and bidding pro forma are available here:

BMATT courses handbook

BMATT Deployed Teams (BDTs)

BMATT Deployed Teams (BDTs) tasks are a key part of the unit’s mandate and some 60% of our time and manpower resources are dedicated to this vital outreach work. The reason is straightforward, the UK’s armed forces and, increasingly, our Czech counterparts, have a wealth of experience to offer countries currently engaged in the transition from conscript based to truly professional, democratically accountable armies.

The British experience is considerable, spanning many decades of expeditionary operations and more recently on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Czech Republic’s recent experience of reshaping its forces to meet the needs of its responsibilities in the 21st century, combined with lessons learned in deploying alongside its allies, provides another perspective with many valuable lessons for other partner countries at whatever stage has been reached in the evolution of their respective military capabilities.

A typical BDT comprises an officer or WO as team leader and 2 to 5 OR5, OR6 or OR7 as instructors. All will have recent operational experience or have come from employment in key training posts. Wherever possible, this team is reinforced with BMATT(CZ) trained instructors serving with the host nation and normally the target audience will be potential instructors. Ideally the host nation instructors will have attended a BMATT(CZ) course at Vyškov although frequently this requirement is met by their having been trained on an earlier BDT. ‘Train the trainer’ is the key to an effective cascade of best practice and that is what BMATT(CZ) instructors strive to achieve.

Recent BDTs conducted in the last 12 months have been:

  • Armenia
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kosovo
  • Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

BDT deployments during 2019 are planned to:

  • Albania
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bosnia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kosovo
  • Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Ukraine

BMATT (CZ) assignment

UK and Czech military personnel interested in serving with BMATT(CZ) should contact the Chief of Staff:

Chief of Staff
VÚ 1970
Víta Nejedlého
Vyškov 682 01
Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 973 451902
Fax: +420 973 451900

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