British forces overseas posting: Episkopi, Cyprus

Medical facilities, education, amenities and recreation options for troops posted to Episkopi Station.

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The present headquarters of British Forces Cyprus was formed in 1988 from an amalgamation of headquarters Land Forces Cyprus and air headquarters Middle East. It is a joint headquarters which answers direct to the Chief of Joint Operations at the permanent joint headquarters. The appointment of CBF alternates between the Army and the Royal Air Force.

Command in Cyprus is exercised through 2 garrison headquarters, one at Dhekelia and the other at Episkopi, and through an RAF station headquarters at RAF Akrotiri. Although a number of airmen are based at RAF Akrotiri, and soldiers are at Episkopi and Dhekelia, at all locations there is a mix of Army, RN and RAF personnel.

British Forces in Cyprus have often been at the leading edge of forming joint or tri-service units including joint service health, port, adventure training, logistics, security, police and engineering units, a tri-service hospital and the Joint Services Signals Unit (Cyprus).

The main functions of the command are to provide and protect vital strategic communications facilities; to provide and protect an important airhead at RAF Akrotiri; to provide a base from which to react in the event of a military crisis in theatre; and to provide Army and RAF training areas.

Medical facilities

Primary medical care

The medical centre is situated at British Forces Episkopi, approximately half way between the majority of married quarters and working locations. It has a team of full time doctors, practice nurses, administrative and paramedical staff, a community psychiatric nurse, SSAFA midwifery and social worker facilities.

In addition to providing a full range of all the primary health care facilities you would expect from a civilian medical practice in the UK, an emergency ambulance service and minor casualty reception facility is operated 24 hours a day.

Secondary medical care

Secondary medical care is provided at The Princess Mary’s Hospital at RAF Akrotiri.

Education and schools

Episkopi primary school

Episkopi primary school is beautifully located on the cliffs in the Western Sovereign Base Area (WSBA) at Episkopi overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It is situated alongside St John’s Secondary School with whom it shares an excellent relationship.

The school is also responsible for the education of 3-year-olds at Episkopi nursery.

For further details of the school visit their website.

St John’s secondary school

St John’s is a secondary school situated in Episkopi Garrison on the southern coast of Cyprus, some 12 miles west of Limassol. The school takes all secondary age children from families of service personnel and UK-based civilians serving in the Western Sovereign Base Area. Some expatriate Cypriot and children of other nationalities attend the school as fee paying pupils. There are approximately 320 students on roll, although this number varies throughout the academic year.

The staff are made up of full-time UK based teachers plus some full-time and part-time locally employed teachers.

Music, art and drama feature prominently in school life with orchestral, choral and dramatic performances each year.

If you know that your child will be coming to St John’s Secondary School, why not let us know the date of your arrival by contacting us via our school website.


Supermarkets and food shopping

Locally produced items can be purchased in all supermarkets. Cyprus wines and spirits, which have been famous for centuries, are also high on visitors’ shopping lists and can be purchased from supermarkets or grocery shops.


Open Mon to Sat
8am to 7pm
Sunday 9 am to 3 pm

Ermes convenience

Open Sun to Sat
10am to 10pm


Polemedia (1st) Roundabout, Limassol
Open Monday to Friday
8am to 8pm
Saturday 8am to 6pm


Episkopi Village
Open Mon to Sat
8am to 9pm


Andreas situated in Dodge City, British Forces Episkopi, open 7 days a week.


Orphanides has a meat counter as well as Lysiotis in Episkopi Village. Ermes (NAAFI One-Stop) has pre-packed fresh meat.


Again, Orphanides has a bakery, as does Lysiotis in Episkopi Village.


Orphanides has a fresh fish counter. Episkopi Village: next to the Esso garage is a small fresh fishmonger, which is open until 8pm.


CESSAC runs a book shop on camp which is located in ‘Dodge City’, selling newspapers, magazines, cards and stamps, a wide variety of toys, books, gifts and stationery. Behind it is the CESSAC cafeteria offering a pleasant place to meet friends and sample the excellent freshly prepared meals, or a slice of home made cake with a cuppa. Alongside the eating area is an internet facility, a free VOIP telephone, a conference room and a lounge area for mothers next to a well-equipped soft playroom for children.


Allure, Limassol
Art & Style Hair Studio, Limassol
Georges, Dodge City, British Forces Episkopi
Hairstudio Hugo, Limassol
Hair Today, Limassol
Scissors, Akrotiri Strip
The Hair Store, Limassol
Toni & Guy, Limassol

Beauty salons

Esthetique Salon, Episkopi village
Head to Toe

Restaurants and takeaways


Recreation and leisure

Episkopi watersports club “Lemmings”

Happy Valley

Telephone: 00357 2596 3132

Lemmings Watersports Club and the Lemmings beach cafe offer some of the best watersports and beach facilities in the WSBA for members of the BFC community.

Episkopi runners

Want to improve your fitness level? Whatever your standard come and join - current age range of service and civilian runners - 18 to 65!
Mar to Oct 5 to 6pm Oct to Mar 4 to 5pm


Yorkshire Rd by Episcene
Monday to Friday 6.45am to 8pm
Saturday, Sunday & BH 9am to 1pm
No football in gym. You can pre-book basketball, volleyball and badminton. Squash - fill in name on board by courts. Equipment is available.

Swimming pool

Next to Episcene
Open May to Mid October, depending on the weather. Please check noticeboards.


Episkopi gym


Access through the Lionheart Estate.
A gently crazy crowd of stage addicts who entertain the community with drama, pantomimes, variety shows and comedies.

Episkopi Garrison gun club

About half a mile from BFE (signposted from main road, next to dry ski slope).

Baby massage

Medical Centre
Contact health visitor for more details.

Ballet classes

Episkopi primary school

Epi Jelly Tots

Huts near Primary School
9am to 11am Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri for all under 3 years.
9am to 10am Fri is Musical Tots.
9am to 11am Tues under 12mths.

Karate Tae-Kwon-Do

Episkopi gym

Shotokan karate club

Episkopi gym
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm to 5.30pm

Scouts, Guides, etc

All meet at guide hut in Isle of Man Lane, in front of Episkopi primary school.

Rainbows (5 to 7 year olds) Brownies (7 to 10 year olds) Guides (10 to 14 year olds)
Beavers (6 to 8 year olds) Cubs (8 to 10 year olds) Scouts (11 to 15 year olds)


For more information, contact us.

Horse riding and saddle club

Happy Valley
Prices vary depending on the number of people. They can arrange one hour hacks for 1 to 10 people.

Inter service yacht club

Tunnel Beach, Happy Valley


Sunday soccer League for children aged 5 to15
Happy Valley

NEFSKI dry ski slope

Situated between BFE and Curium. Signposted

Water park

Fasouri – between Episkopi and Akrotiri

Youth club

Situated at the end of Tyrone Street, near the entrance to Episkopi Primary School.

Air training corps

RAF Akrotiri – situated behind the ‘Lightning’ opposite the garage.

Astra cinema

RAF Akrotiri - listings are in the HIVE, Cyprus Lion and on the BFBS website.

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