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United Kingdom helps Guatemala strengthen its forensic capabilities

The British Embassy in Guatemala has sponsored two specialized workshops aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the Guatemalan Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) in human identification and forensic psychiatry.

More than 100 specialists from all over the country attended the seminars delivered by experts from Chile, Paraguay and Brazil. The workshops stressed the importance of forensic science within the legal system in relation to both criminal and civil cases, and its role in fighting crime and combating terrorism.

The experts underlined the need for greater collaboration between researchers, providers and users in forensic science, as well as the need to reach out internationally. There were additional calls for increased communication and co-ordination between the various players across the forensic field including the criminal justice system, police, academia and other researchers.

The Guatemalan authorities expect to improve their current techniques on identification of complex cases as a result of the workshops, and make better use of genetic tools that will lead to effective traceability of cases, and improved management of evidence. Improved assistance to collateral victims, including the evaluation of accurate testimonies, will be also a priority.

The closing ceremony of the workshops was attended by the British Ambassador to Guatemala, Sarah Dickson; and the General Director of INACIF, Nery Cabrera.