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UK-India business leaders celebrate the ‘Unbeatable Combination’

The British government has celebrated the historical visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UK by launching a specially-created GREAT for Collaboration video.

The video showcases the deep and strong commercial ties between our two countries through the voices of major business leaders from the India and the United Kingdom.

The video brings out the essence of GREAT for Collaboration, an exciting campaign launched by Prime Ministers Cameron and Modi in January 2015. The campaign aims to inspire new partnerships and encourage greater awareness of the scale of the UK’s commitment to India and vice versa, driving further trade and investment.

The launch coincides with the announcement of over £9 billion worth of agreements between India and the UK during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK this week.

GREAT for Collaboration not only complements PM Modi’s ambition and call to the world to ‘Make in India’ but also brings to the fore the intensity of investments and job creation by Indian businesses in the UK.

While this first GREAT for Collaboration video encapsulates the spirit of the history of business partnerships, wider interviews with each of the business leaders will be published later in the campaign.

The campaign will capture and bring out voices of British and Indian business leaders from the biggest companies like Tata Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Vodafone and Rolls Royce and also from leaders representing Small and Medium Enterprises from both the countries.

Further information:

GREAT for Collaboration is an ambitious and exciting new campaign to showcase India-UK business collaboration. The campaign, launched by Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Cameron, will inspire new partnerships and encourage greater awareness of the scale of the UK’s commitment to India. The overall objective is to increase business between the two countries. The campaign showcases and promotes collaborations of mutual benefit to India and the UK across a range of sectors, such as energy, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, financial services and infrastructure.

At the launch of the campaign in January 2015, British Prime Minister David Cameron said:

I am proud of the depth and breadth of the UK’s links with India. British companies such as Standard Chartered, GSK, Hindustan Unilever, BP and Vodafone have been making in India for decades. And companies such as Tata, Mahindra and CIPLA are operating in the UK and India, benefitting both of our countries.

Through this campaign we want to inspire and showcase more such GREAT Collaborations across all the sectors we work together on. It underlines our support for Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India campaign and celebrates India and Britain making GREAT things together.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, said:

I am pleased that British industry, supported by its Government, is responding enthusiastically to our call for ‘Make in India’. UK has been one of our strongest economic partners and a leading investor in India. UK is known for its strength in technology and innovation. India offers vast opportunities through its markets, skilled human resources, competitive economic environment and location.

Our businesses also operate in the familiar context of democratic polity, rule of law, language and management practices. This creates an unbeatable combination to forge successful partnerships that can bring immense benefits to both countries. India’s new investment climate will, I hope, attract an even greater number of British businesses to set up manufacturing bases in India.

GREAT for Collaboration - UK and India

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