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Prosperity Fund Tokyo - call for bids

The British Embassy Tokyo invites interested parties to submit bids for project funding the Japan Prosperity Fund Programme Office.

The Prosperity Fund is the FCO’s fund supporting prosperity work overseas. Through targeted projects, it aims to support the conditions for global and UK growth: Openness, Sustainability, Opportunity and Reputation.

We would like to invite bid for the projects for “Delivery of a seminar on Public Private Partnership (PPP)/ Private Finance Initiative (PFI)” and “UK low carbon technology report for Japan”.

Delivery of a PPP/PFI Seminar; Unlocking Private Sector Potential and Promoting UK/Japan Collaboration

To organise and run a one day seminar which will introduce how the UK has privatised its airports, how the UK succeeded in bringing in investment into airport assets, how risks were borne by private sector, and discuss how these lessons may be useful to Japanese airport privatisation in the future. UKTI Japan will help identify suitable speakers from the UK. The organiser will recruit a suitable audience (minimum of 100) consisting of both central and local government officials and private sector entrants (eg trading houses, construction companies, banks, institutional investors) and lead on all logistics for the seminar. Target timing: Oct-Dec 2015.


Please complete the full bid form and budget sheet and send to Yuko Fukuda ( The deadline for submitting full bids is at 17:30 on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Further information

Please contact Naomi Takegoshi (Tel: 03-5211-1156, e-mail:

UK low carbon technology report for Japan

To produce a catalogue of UK expertise/capabilities in innovation and low carbon technology relevant for Japan. The catalogue should include the following elements: 1) an overview of UK government policies on low carbon and key areas of innovation; 2) an assessment of potential market opportunities for UK businesses in Japan with particular focus on energy (electricity and gas) market; and 3) a list of UK companies in these fields and their unique products/services that could be offered to Japan’s newly deregulated markets. The catalogue should be in Japanese and in English and produced in hard copies for distribution in Japan for business meetings, conferences, seminars and expos (about 1000 copies) and in soft copies for distribution via Embassy website and other social media tools. There might also be some work related to soliciting some UK companies to join a trade mission to attend an expo in Tokyo later in the year.


Please complete the full bid form and budget sheet and send to Yuko Fukuda ( The deadline for submitting full bids is at 17:30 on Friday, 21st August 2015.

Further information

Please contact Naomi Cowan (Tel: 03-5211-1382 e-mail:


Note for editors

Please note that we have already closed bids for the following two projects advertised on 16 July:

  • Analysis of business opportunities resulting from the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
  • Delivery of a seminar/workshop on investing responsibly (taking into account climate change and low carbon factors when investing)