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Prosperity Fund supports training on anti-corruption in Mexico

These seminars aimed to strengthen the new National Anti-Corruption System (SNA) by sharing international expertise.

With the support of the British Embassy’s Prosperity Fund, GovRisk has trained civil servants of the Mexican Ministry of Public Function (SFP) in regards to the protection of the complainant. This was accomplished through seminars on “Best International Practices on Complainant Protection Systems to Develop an Implementation Strategy for Mexico.”

The first seminar was held in September 2016, with the participation of Javier Vargas Zempoaltecatl, Undersecretary of Administrative Responsibilities and Public Procurement and in charge of the Office of the Ministry of Public Function (SFP, in Spanish); as well as Olivier Evans, Deputy Head of Mission and Political Counsellor at the British Embassy in Mexico and Dominic Le Moignan, Director of GovRisk. The second seminar was held in January 2017 with Unit holders, Directors and Directors General of the areas involved in these issues.

Both seminars aimed to strengthen the new National Anti-Corruption System (SNA) by sharing the international expertise of countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Peru, as well as the World Bank and GovRisk, in support and protection to the complainant. This also encouraged the collaboration between the Mexican Government and civil society.

The seminars sought to establish measures to support accountability and to fight corruption in government structures, as well as to facilitate the establishment of strategies that encourage the active participation of citizens.

The British Embassy’s Prosperity Fund, which seeks to promote economic growth and development in Mexico, funded this project. This is a demonstration of the British commitment to invest in the future of Mexico and strengthen relations between both countries.