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Highlighting International Human Rights Day in Jamaica

This world location news article was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Each year on 10 December, the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is marked by Human Rights Day. This year we will be using this day to highlight our projects.

This year, the High Commission has chosen five projects to support. These projects cover a wide range of FCO priority areas such as:

  • Women’s rights
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender (LGBT) issues
  • Community development


Peace Management Initiative: Development of Women’s Community Safety Rights Based Initiative

To empower women to resist and overcome the excesses of violence and abuse they experience living in marginalised communities. The project will also encourage and empower men to become positive examples to their peers and advocates for change in the way women are treated in these communities.

British High Commission funding is £24,000 (approximately J$4M).

Eve for Life: My Body, My Right to Say No

The project seeks to break the silence and raise awareness about the sexual abuse of young girls and the link to HIV and child motherhood through an awareness campaign within communities and nationally that combines life skills training and mass media, person-to-person and community interactions around sexual abuse and HIV. Eve for Life’s core services and programmes include parenting interventions, HIV and AIDS counselling, social support and training and capacity building, AIDS education and advocacy.The project directly addresses Post objectives of supporting the prevention of violence against women and promoting human rights in line with our values.

British High Commission support is £12,500 (approximately J$2.1 million).

Aphrodite’s Pride: Seismic. A Social engagement programme for LGBT youth

This project will provide psycho social and enterprise development skills training services for vulnerable LGBT youth. This will be done through interactive workshops and seminars focussing on personal and social skills and development, interpersonal and community living skills and work readiness; field trips; and the creation of an online community and presence. The project is intended to positively influence the lives of youth from highly vulnerable circumstances within the LGBT community and support their ability to explore and navigate options for sustainable employment and pro social engagement. LGBT issues have been topical recently especially with news surrounding LGBT youths being chased from their captured living accommodation, leaving them on the streets. The project fits into discussions at Post about assisting LGBT youths. Although a small project, it has the potential to reach a larger number of persons through interaction by participants with other LGBT youths.

British High Commission funding is £8,000 (approximately J$1.3 million) over 6 months.

Eve for Life
Deputy High Commissioner Julia Sutherland with representatives of Eve for Success Jamaica during the contact signing .

Dress for Success: Empowering Women for Employment in the workplace

The purpose of the project is to provide support services to unemployed women to promote their chances of employment and encourage entrepreneurship to enable them to achieve economic independence. The project will support life skills workshops, mentoring workshops, and career development workshops.By participating in the workshops the participants will gain confidence and be able to elevate themselves from economic depression. They will receive assistance to prepare for job interviews including, free of cost, the professional attire needed. They will then be better able to not only take care of themselves but also take care of their family.

Dress for Success Jamaica promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing them with a network of support and the career development tools they need to thrive in work and in life. The women served include single mothers, young college graduates, and mature women who are trying to re-enter the workforce.

This project relates to Post objective to support women’s rights and addresses the issue of gender inequality and lack of economic opportunities among women and what can be done to empower women and promote women’s rights.

British High Commission Support if £11,500 (approximately J$1.9 million)

Ashe: Reaching Across the Lines

With the ever increasing MSM underground networks across Jamaica and the reports of stigma, discrimination and hate crimes it is crucial that prevention, treatment, care and support programmes are made accessible. MSMs have been reluctant to access specific services resulting in over 32% of MSMs in Jamaica being carriers of HIV.

It is anticipated that the Reaching Across the Lines project will help to reduce the number of young MSM becoming infected with HIV and provide stigma and discrimination free support for MSM/PLHIV while increasing safer sex practices and self efficacy skills in the community. The project will also encourage and promote positive behaviour change among MSM through social media and edutainment.MSM issues have been topical in Jamaica recently especially with news surrounding MSMs being put out of their homes when they reveal they are gay, leaving them on the streets.

British High Commission Support is £25,000.