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#ColombiaStateVisit: a journey to the heart of the United Kingdom

As a preamble to the historic State Visit that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will pay to the UK from 1 to 3 November, the British Embassy and Semana Magazine joined forces to produce a supplement on the UK.

During the launch of “a journey to the heart of the United Kingdom” British Ambassador Dr. Peter Tibber highlighted the close work between the Embassy team and Semana Magazine.

“This supplement is part of the historical memory of the State Visit and it will be a great support not only during but also in the future. In itself, it is an excellent product”.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Santos, Director of Semana magazine, pointed out: “In its pages is evident what an ally of Colombia on all fronts is really. We have deep admiration for the British people. This supplement allows us all to visualize those big issues that we can learn from a modern country”.

“A journey to the heart of the United Kingdom” makes an attractive visual and journalistic journey through the history, traditions and leading attitude of the United Kingdom as well as the projects and initiatives in which the British experience has supported Colombia’s progress and how the State Visit will mark a milestone in the relationship of the two countries.

Read the full supplement here: