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Call for bids for the Prosperity Fund 2014-2015 in Chile

This world location news article was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Public and private institutions are invited to apply to the Prosperity Fund in Chile offered through the Embassy in Santiago.

The Latin America Prosperity Fund aims to create the conditions for global growth that meet our Prosperity goals. The FCO’s Prosperity Fund will focus on promoting sustainable global growth and, in particular, is consistent with the UK’s overseas development objectives. The key areas for financial year 2014/15 are:

  • Economic Reform: Promoting transparency, national structural economic reform and a strong, rules-based international economic system.

  • Climate change: Promoting low carbon energy, energy efficiency and resilient energy markets by using science and innovation as solutions to global challenges.

  • Science and innovation: Promoting Chilean economic growth through science and innovation.

Economic Reform

We are looking for projects that help promote ambitious trade agreements and help develop business by improving the overseas business environment. We want to promote transparency to combat protectionism, including through the Open Government Partnerships and OECD. We are keen to support this through sharing UK expertise and experience and by helping to build institutional capacity and a strong, rules-based international economic system.

Climate change

With its natural resources (e.g. hydro, marine, wind, solar, geothermal) and increasingly strong high-level political will to tackle climate change, Chile has a real opportunity to make the transition to a low-carbon, green economy a reality and potentially play a lead role in the race to a green economy. Projects will aim to accelerate the economic and political conditions for a secure and affordable transition to a low carbon economy.

Science and innovation

Chile is increasingly looking to power economic growth through science and innovation. We want to support this. We also want to create opportunities for UK institutions through supporting UK-Chile partnerships in education, science and research and by using innovation as a driver of growth. We are looking for practical interventions that will lead to a transformational difference to decision-making. Projects should aim to cover an existing gap in the system and promote practical change.

We are especially interested in projects that utilise UK experience and expertise to promote stronger UK-Chile relations. Projects that combine two or more focus areas and/or are co-financed are particularly welcome.

If you want apply to the Prosperity Fund 2014-2015, please complete (in English) the concept bid form here: Project concept bid form (MS Word Document, 91.5KB) and send it to by 14 February 2014. (Please write ‘Prosperity Fund Proposal’ in the subject of the e-mail.)

Please read the guidances below and and ensure that project proposals are designed and submitted in accordance with it. Proposals that do not meet the criteria and guidance will be rejected.

This bid round will be conditioned on the Prosperity Fund’s allocation for 2014-2015. The Embassy reserves the right to slightly amend the strategy’s thematic áreas; if this is the case changes will be communicated. Please check Embassy’s website or contact to get information about the priority or thematic areas for Chile.