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British experts share experience in the tailings sector in Chile

Workshop offered an opportunity to discuss current challenges and opportunities in the field of tailings with project implementers.

Several sustainable mining projects supported by the British Embassy’s 2016 Prosperity Fund and Newton-Picarte science and innovation fund were discussed at a workshop held at the British Embassy in late July. Members of the Commercial Team also shared their work on their High Value Opportunity (HVO) Campaign focused on developing stronger UK-Chile business opportunities in mining.

During the workshop, participants from Chilean institutions such as the Ministry of Mining, the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) and the Chilean Copper Corporation (Cochilco) had the opportunity to discuss current challenges and opportunities in the field of tailings in Chile with UK and Chilean project implementers.

Some of the topics discussed focused on the need to invest more in human capital within mine tailings management, increasing UK-Chile academic links in mining, improving the level of detail on tailings characterisation, and the opportunities to innovate in the commercialisation of technology in the mine tailings sector. The seminar concluded with participants brainstorming ideas about how to ensure the sustainability of current project results and collaborate on future initiatives.

The Tailings Workshop consisted of the following presentations from British and Chilean experts:

  • 2016 Prosperity Fund Project: “Promoting sustainable mining in Chile: building capacity in mine tailings hazard management- Tailings Hazard Management”, Dr. Stephen Edwards, University College London.
  • 2016 Prosperity Fund Project: “Promoting sustainable mining in Chile - remediation of massive mining wastes”, Loreto Osorio, AMEC Foster Wheeler.
  • 2016 Newton-Picarte Fund Project: “Satellite Catapult work in Chile- Environmental Monitoring”, David Livingstone, UK Satellite Catapult.
  • “Challenges in the field of tailings in Chile and priorities for the Chilean Government”, Jorge Chocair and Felipe Cortes, Ministry of Mining.
  • “Short and long term challenges”, Francisca Falcón, Head of Department of Tailings Deposits, Sernageomin.
  • “Chilean Copper Commission work in the field of tailings and the challenges of the Copper Industry”, Daniela Villela, Cochilco.

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