G8 dementia summit (Archived)

The summit on 11 December brings together G8 ministers and other delegates to discuss dementia.

Summit programme

The G8 Dementia Summit is being held at Lancaster House in London on 11 December 2013. Delegates include G8 Ministers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and charities. The summit aims to agree what can be done to:

  • stimulate greater investment and innovation in dementia research
  • improve the prevention and treatment of dementia
  • improve quality of life for people with dementia

Speakers at the summit include:

The topics for discussion during the day include:

  • improving life and care for people affected by dementia and their carers
  • preventing and delaying dementia
  • social adaptation to global ageing and dementia

Watch the summit live

The summit will be streamed live from 9am GMT on 11 December. You can watch it on the Dementia Challenge site. There will also be a live blog providing a written commentary alongside the video streaming.