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  1. UK overseas trade in goods statistics: June 2018

  2. UK overseas trade in goods statistics June 2018: import and export data

  3. Income tax deducted from pay

  4. Pay As You Earn tax deducted from pay, by industry

  5. HMRC statistics: pre-release access list

  6. Inheritance Tax statistics: commentary

  7. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.5 - assets in estates by gender, age and marital status of deceased

  8. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.2 - exemptions and reliefs

  9. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.6 - assets in estates with tax liabilities by gender, age and marital status of deceased

  10. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.11 - estimated numbers of estates liable to tax on death by local administrative units

  11. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.3 - estates notified to HMRC, numbers and tax due

  12. Personal tax credits: finalised award statistics - small area data (LSOA and Data Zone) 2016 to 2017

  13. Quarterly Stamp Duty Statistics

  14. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.12 - estimated numbers of estates liable to tax on death, by Parliamentary constituency

  15. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.10 - estimated amounts of tax due by geographical region

  16. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.1 - analysis of receipts

  17. Flexible payments from pensions

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  18. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.7 - assets held in taxpaying discretionary trusts at 10-yearly charge date

  19. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.8 - assets held in taxpaying discretionary trusts at 10-yearly charge date, by type and by year of charge

  20. Inheritance Tax statistics: Table 12.4 - assets in estates by range of net estate and tax due

  21. Transfers to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

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  22. Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) Bulletin

  23. Non-domiciled taxpayers in the UK

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  24. UK Real Time Information, Experimental Statistics

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  25. Monthly property transactions completed in the UK with value of £40,000 or above

  26. Time series of recipients and amounts of taxable benefits

  27. Commentary: benefits in kind statistics

  28. Schedule of updates for HMRC's statistics

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  29. Value Added Tax (VAT) Bulletin

  30. HMRC Tax Receipts and National Insurance Contributions for the UK

  31. Creative Industries Statistics July 2018

  32. Table 6.8: Number of live company schemes

  33. Table 6.1: Estimated costs of Income Tax and NICs relief

  34. Table 6.7: Company scheme types

  35. Table 6.5: Share Incentive Plans

  36. Table 6.2: Companies with tax-advantaged employee share schemes

  37. Table 6.3: Save As You Earn share option schemes

  38. Table 6.4: Company Share Option Plans

  39. Employee share schemes statistics: commentary

  40. Table 6.6: Enterprise Management Incentives share option schemes