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Water situation report for England: June 2014

This publication was withdrawn on 25 September 2015

Water situation reports for England are available for the last 12 months, view water situation reports for England for details, those older than 12 months are archived, email for historic reports.

A monthly review of the water situation in England.



Summary for June 2014

June rainfall was below average across England at 78% of the long term average.

Rainfall totals were lower than normal for the time of year in the northwest, east and far southeast of England but elsewhere they were normal. Consequently, soil moisture deficits (SMDs) increased across the whole country.

Monthly mean river flows for June were normal or higher for the time of year at all but two indicator sites across England. Groundwater levels decreased at most of our indicator sites during June, but remain normal or higher for the time of year at all sites.

Overall reservoir stocks decreased during June, with storage in England as a whole at 90% of total capacity at the end of the month.