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Total income from farming in the UK

Annual statistics on 'Total Income from Farming', a measure of the performance of the UK agricultural industry.


This publication gives information about the aggregate income of the UK agriculture sector, known as Total Income from Farming (TIFF), a measure of the performance of the whole agricultural industry. Aggregate agricultural accounts are a tool for analysing the economic situation of agriculture and are used to support policy making in the UK and EU.

Total Income from Farming is income generated by production within the agriculture industry including subsidies and represents business profits and remuneration for work done by owners and other unpaid workers. It excludes changes in the values of assets, including stocks, due to price changes but includes non-agricultural activities such as further processing or tourist activities where these cannot be separated from the agricultural business. It is the preferred measure of aggregate income for the agricultural industry conforming to internationally agreed national accounting principles required by the UK National Accounts and by Eurostat.

The aggregate balance sheet for the United Kingdom agricultural industry values the total assets and liabilities for agriculture at the end of each calendar year and estimates the net worth of the industry. There are methodological changes to the aggregate balance sheet land prices in the May 2015 edition. These changes improve the land area calculation and have been made back to 1984.

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