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The People and Nature Survey for England: Adult Data Y1Q1 (April - June 2020) (Experimental Statistics)

Year 1 quarter 1 adult data, and supporting documents, from the People and Nature Survey covering the period 1 April - 30 June 2020. Note that any results have been generated using interim experimental methods which are under development.

Applies to England



Note: Please delete any ODS and Excel versions of ‘Adult’s data Q1 2020 (1st April – 30th June)’ that were downloaded before 21st October 2020 as these contained an error. Four fields (Postcode_Latitude, Postcode_Longitude, Postcode_Northing, Postcode_Easting) have been removed. More information will be available in the next release of the Technical Report in January. Please contact us if you require any further information in the meantime.

The People and Nature Survey for England gathers information on people’s experiences and views about the natural environment, and its contributions to our health and wellbeing.

Note that the data is currently using an interim weight until a final weight has been fully developed and tested. See Methods and Limitations for further information.

The publications report a set of weighted national interim indicators from the survey, which have been generated using data collected from a sample of approx. 6,250 adults (16+). A file for use in SPSS is available on request (see User Hub below).

To receive updates on the survey, including data releases and publications, sign-up via the People and Nature User Hub

Published 30 September 2020
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