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The Children’s People and Nature Survey for England: Summer Holidays 2021 (Official Statistics)

The Children’s People and Nature Survey ran between the 10th and 31st August 2021 (Wave 1), to understand how children and young people aged 8-15 are engaging with the natural environment in England during the school holidays.

Applies to England



The People and Nature Survey for England gathers information on people’s experiences and views about the natural environment, and its contributions to our health and wellbeing. An additional ‘Children’s People and Nature Survey’ survey has been undertaken to provide a representative sample of children and young people aged 8-15 years old, to find out how they interact with, think and feel about the natural environment.

The publications report a set of weighted national interim indicators from the survey, which have been generated using data collected from a sample of approx. 2,000 children (8 - 15). A file for use in SPSS is available on request (see User Hub below).

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Published 20 October 2021
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