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Quarterly bus statistics: July to September 2017

Local bus passenger journeys and fares in Great Britain for July to September 2017.



Statistics on the number of local bus:

  • passenger journeys
  • fares

in Great Britain.

For the year ending September 2017, the number of local bus passenger journeys in:

  • England was 4.40 billion, a 1.5% decrease
  • London decreased by 1%
  • England outside London decreased by 2%

Comparing local bus passenger journeys for July to September 2017 to the same period in 2016, we see:

  • a 1.6% decrease in England
  • bus use in London decreased by 0.1%

In the same period for bus use, we see:

  • England outside London decreased by 3.2%.
  • Scotland decreased by 3.2%
  • Wales decreased by 3.8%

The local bus fares index increased by 3.3% in England between September 2016 and September 2017.

For other areas, the local bus fares index change was a:

  • 1% increase in London
  • 4.1% increase in metropolitan areas
  • 5.3% increase in non-metropolitan areas

The retail prices index increased by 3.9% over the same 12-month period.

Local bus fares increased by:

  • 2.2% in Scotland
  • 1.8% in Wales

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Published 19 December 2017