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Quarterly bus statistics: July to September 2015

Local bus passenger journeys and fares statistics in Great Britain for July to September 2015.



Passenger journey figures are based on data collected from a panel survey of the largest bus operators and are seasonally adjusted. The bus fares index is compiled from data provided by a representative sample of operators.

Passenger journeys

In the year to the end of September 2015:

  • the provisional number of local bus passenger journeys in England was 4.61 billion, a 1.3% decrease when compared with a year earlier.
  • local bus passenger journeys in London decreased by 1.1%, while in England outside London, bus use decreased by 1.6% when compared with a year earlier.

When comparing July to September 2015 with July to September 2014:

  • there was a 2.2% decrease in local bus passenger journeys in England. Bus use in London decreased by 3.0% and in England outside London bus use decreased by 1.4%.
  • bus passenger journeys also decreased in Wales and Scotland over the same period.

Local bus fares index

When comparing September 2015 with September 2014:

  • the local bus fares index increased by 3.0% in England (2.7% in London, 3.3% in metropolitan areas and 3.0% in non-metropolitan areas). The Retail Prices Index increased by 0.8% over the same 12 month period.
  • in Scotland, local bus fares increased by 3.5% and in Wales by 1.1%.

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Published 15 December 2015