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Payment by results pilot: cohort 2 HMP Doncaster results

Payment by results pilot: final re-conviction results for cohort 2 HMP Doncaster pilot.



This publication provides the final re-conviction results for cohort 2 for the HMP Doncaster payment by results prison pilot.


Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons:

Secretary of State, Ministers of State, Permanent Secretary, Director General of Finance, Director General of Analytical Services, Head of Justice Statistics Analytical Services, Director of Finance and Planning, Director of Transforming Rehabilitation Programme, Deputy Director of Rehabilitation Programme Team, Head of CEOs Office (NOMS), Head of Legislation and Select Committee Liaison, Corporate Finance, Head of Communication and Stakeholder Engagement and the relevant special advisors, analysts, policy officers and press officers, 9 officials from Serco and 2 officials from Catch 22.