Official Statistics

Number of people receiving a new State Pension statement: 1 Sept 2014 to 6 Mar 2015

The number of people who received a new State Pension statement between 1 September 2014 and 6 March 2015.



The Pensions Act 2014 legislated for a new ‘single-tier’ State Pension system to be introduced for individuals reaching State Pension age after April 2016.

A new service giving people a personalised written statement estimating what they can expect to receive under the new State Pension system, was formally launched on 4 October 2014. The statement is based on the individual’s National Insurance record of contributions and credits to date.

This publication provides statistics on the number of State Pension statements produced between 1 September 2014 and 6 March 2015. It provides a breakdown of these statements by gender and whether the statement is based on the current State Pension system or the new State Pension system valuation.

Published 24 March 2015