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Licensing charter

The Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) aim to implement the requirements of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA) efficiently…



The Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) aim to implement the requirements of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA) efficiently and effectively; to give effect to the principles of better regulation; and to provide the best possible service to those applying for and holding licences and certificates under ASPA.

What we will do for you

Licences and certificates

  • publish general advice and provide specific timely advice to individual applicants as required to facilitate the preparation of applications

  • process:
  • at least 85% of new project licence applications within 35 working days from receipt to despatch
  • all new personal licence promptly and efficiently
  • all applications for certificates of designation promptly and efficiently

    • provide a fast track service for personal licence applications for overseas students and others planning short term work or studies in the UK that processes at least 85% of applications within 5 days from receipt to despatch

    • process all amendments to project and personal licences, and certificates of designation, promptly and efficiently

    • automatically review personal licences when they are submitted for amendment

    • produce details of licence performance in the ASRU annual report


  • deal with other correspondence promptly and save in exceptional circumstances, send a definitive response within 10 working days


  • aim to respond to requests for routine advice within 48 hours, responding by telephone or email wherever practicable
  • ensure that prompt advice is available in emergencies when animal welfare is at risk


  • promptly notify those involved in a potentially serious infringement that it has been reported, setting out the details

  • notify those involved of the outcome of simple, non-contentious cases and the reasons for any decisions, within 35 working days from the date of the reporting of the infringement

  • notify those involved of the outcome of serious cases and the reasons for any decisions as soon as the investigation process is complete

  • ensure those involved are made aware of their statutory rights to make formal representations, where the recommendation is for the licence to be varied, suspended or revoked

What we ask you to do for us**

  • use appropriate and secure transmission methods when submitting personal or other confidential material electronically. A secure encryption services is provided by the Home Office and the CJSM service at
  • inform us promptly of any change in your correspondence address or contact details
  • quote relevant licence or certificate numbers in all correspondence and on the telephone
  • alert us to the need to fast-track personal licence applications giving the reasons and a date by which the licence is required
  • clearly distinguish draft applications for licences and certificates from formal applications
  • ensure that applications and requests for amendments are properly completed, carry the necessary signatures, and that any relevant supporting documents and certificates are enclosed (clearly indicating any original documents that should be returned to you)
  • aid us to efficiently process requests for amendments by ensuring that the following are returned
  • the complete, unaltered licence or certificate, with schedules
  • two copies of the amended or additional pages
  • a third copy of  these pages with the changes highlighted
  • advise the inspectorate promptly when the Act, or the terms and conditions of licences or certificates, or severity limits may have been breached
  • ensure all licence fees are paid on time
  • ensure statistical returns are made on time

You must not

  • make any changes locally to licences or certificates or their schedules
  • start work until all the necessary authorities are granted, issued
  • start work until you have received and read and understood the terms of and conditions of any new or revised authorities

You must

Ensure that details of the plan of work and procedures described in sections D and E of the schedule to the project licence, and any additional conditions imposed on those procedures, are known to all relevant personal licensees and others with relevant responsibilities under the 1986 Act.


If you have concerns about the nature or quality of advice or service that you receive there is a process for seeking a second opinion - the Dispute Resolution.  If this process does not reolve your concerns, you should address them to the following:

  • concerns about inspectors - to the ASRU Chief Inspector at Home Office, 4th Floor, Seacole Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
  • concerns about the administrative staff - to the ASRU Head of Operations & Business Support, Home Office, 4th Floor, Seacole Building, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
  • all enquires and complaints will be acknowledged and every effort will be made to deal with complaints and enquiries within 20 working days

Where a satisfactory resolution to your complaint has not been reached we will in consultation with you, arrange either for internal review by senior management, or for an independent external person.

How to Contact Us

London office
2 Marsham Street
Tel: 0207 035 4779
Fax: 020 7035 4782

Cambridge office
PO Box 91
Tel: 01223-433400
Fax: 01223-433411

Dundee office
PO Box 6779
Tel: 01382-223189
Fax: 01382-221571

Shrewsbury Office
PO Box 31
Tel: 01743-241612
Fax: 01743-344691

Swindon office
PO Box 1138
Tel: 01793-514029
Fax: 01793-432979

Published 13 April 2012