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Income contingent repayments

Official statistics release: income contingent repayments



The Student Loans: Income Contingent Repayments release originally announced for publication on 14 June 2012 will now be published on 19 June 2012. The date has been changed so that the release will be published on the same day as similar releases for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Income Contingent Repayments by Repayment Cohort and Tax Year

This is published by the Student Loans Company in collaboration with BIS statisticians. It provides statistics on repayment status, repayments via HMRC and outstanding debt for income contingent student loans. It covers English domiciled students studying in the UK and EU students studying in England.

Data is taken at 30 April 2012 to incorporate the SLC provisional close of tax year 2010/11.

The latest release relates to financial year 2010/11 and was published on 19 June 2012.

To access the latest release in full click here.

Additional Information

Similar releases are also published by the Student Loans Company, covering Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These, together with earlier releases and other statistical publications, are available from the Statistics section of the Student Loans Company website.

Published 19 June 2012