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Further breakdowns of cautions

This ad-hoc statistical notice presents additional analysis on the use of adult cautions, and has been produced as supporting evidence for the Adult Simple Cautions Review.


Further breakdowns of cautions

Further breakdowns of cautions - tables


It provides further breakdowns of already published information on cautions in the format of:

  • Indictable only offences: these offences are the most serious breaches of the criminal law such as violent and sexual offences and robbery, which are ordinarily tried at the Crown Court before a judge and jury.
  • Triable either way offences: these offences include criminal damage where the value is £5,000 or greater, theft, burglary and drink driving and may be heard either at a magistrates’ court or tried at the Crown Court.
  • Summary offences: These offences include common assault and criminal damage up to £5,000 and are usually heard only by a magistrates’ court.
Published 30 September 2013