Official Statistics

Further breakdowns for serious proven re-offending of adult offenders in England and Wales released from custodial sentences of less than 12 months

This ad-hoc statistical notice presents further breakdowns of already published information on proven re-offending.

Applies to England and Wales



Table 1 in this statistical notice provides information on the number of adult offenders in England and Wales who were released from a custodial sentence of less than 12 months between 2000 and 2011 and went on to commit a serious proven re-offence. A proven re-offence is defined as any offence committed in a 12 month follow-up period and resulting in a court conviction, caution, reprimand or warning in either the 12 month follow-up period or within a further six month waiting period (to allow time for the offence to be proven in court).

These figures use a Home Office definition of serious offences. This classification is based on the definition used by a legacy Home Office performance indicator designed to support the delivery of public sector agreement 23: ‘Make communities safer’.

Published 4 November 2013