Official Statistics

February 2013 farming and food brief

February 2013 news, economics and statistics relating to the UK’s farming and food industries.



This monthly paper produced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) brings together the latest key information relating to agriculture and the wider economy. In particular it highlights the results of recently published economic and statistical evidence and research.

Headlines this month include:

  • International commodity markets remain stable
  • Emerging anecdotal evidence suggests increased demand for British meat following horse meat contamination
  • Food price inflation continues to rise
  • Defra research released this month on the economic performance of dairy farms finds a high level of variation in efficiencies across farms
  • Defra has also published detailed evidence to support the Campaign for the Farmed Environment. Whilst not all of the formal targets have been met, there is good evidence of the positive impact of the Campaign