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This publication gives quarterly information on egg production, usage and prices. This includes UK egg packing station throughput by country and egg production system (intensive, barn, free range, organic) and prices paid by UK egg packers to producers. The information about egg usage includes the number of eggs bought by UK egg processors and the quantity of egg products they produce. Monthly information about trade in eggs and egg products is also included.

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Published 25 June 2013
Last updated 30 July 2020 + show all updates
  1. Update with statistical report and data for Q2 2020.

  2. Updated information on the egg packing throughput dataset to correct an error.

  3. Updated with figures to March 2020 (quarter one 2020 statistics).

  4. Updated with Quarter 4 2019 data.

  5. Added latest quarterly statistical notice and datasets, data to September 2019 figures.

  6. Updated statistics for egg production, June 2019 figures.

  7. This replaces the version published at 9.30 on 02 May due to an error in the year on year calculations.

  8. Updated with latest statistical release and datasets to Q1 2019.

  9. Updated with Quarter 4 2018 figures.

  10. Updated with latest statistical bulletin and datasets for Q3 2018.

  11. Updated with Quarter 2 2018 statistical notice and datasets.

  12. This notice replaces the version published at 9.30 am on 03 May 2018. An error was discovered which resulted in incorrect egg prices data for Quarter 1 2018. These data have been revised.

  13. Updated with Quarter 1 2018 statistical notice and dataset.

  14. Updated with Quarter 4 2017 statistical notice and dataset.

  15. Update to 'Revisions policy:' regarding year on year comparison.

  16. Replaced statistical noticed published on 2 November 2017(data to September) as a slight error was found in one of the tables.

  17. Updated with statistical notice and datasets to Q3 2017.

  18. Updated with Quarter 2 (data to June) statistics.

  19. Updated with Quarter 1 (data to March) statistics.

  20. Updated with statistical notice and datasets to Q4 2016.

  21. Amended contact details and updated egg trade dataset.

  22. Updated with data to September 2016.

  23. Updated with statistical release for Q2 2016.

  24. Updated latest egg figures.

  25. Latest statistical release for Q4 October to December 2015 added, contact name changed.

  26. Latest statistics release and datasets for September 2015.

  27. Egg statistics for Q2 2015 April to June published.

  28. Egg statistics: January to March 2015 published.

  29. United Kingdom Egg Statistics – Quarter 4, 2014 and datasets published.

  30. Updated with United Kingdom Egg Statistics – Quarter 3, 2014

  31. Updated with quarter 2 data.

  32. Updated with figures to March 2014.

  33. Updated with figures to December 2013.

  34. Updated with figures to the end of September 2013.

  35. Updated to include minor corrections to commentary and chart title.

  36. Updated to include figures to June 2013.

  37. Significant revisions to shell egg trade statistics due to methodological changes resulting in improvements to data quality, backdated to bring historical estimates up to the same standard.

  38. First published.

  39. Updated with information to March 2013.